Signal All Questions

Signal All Questions

When and how maintenance and controls of the generator are done?

Periods specified in the "Maintenance and User Guide" delivered with the generator should be complied with. In every 2 months, general controls, settings, and tests should be done. Even if working time doesn’t expire, a general maintenance should be done once a year.  It is beneficial to get generator be subjected to a loading test for 10-15 minutes.

What to consider for using generator efficiently and longer?

• Periodic maintenance of generator must be performed by qualified personnel in a timely manner.

• As Sıgnal Generator, we follow generators of our customers, with whom we make periodic maintenance agreements, on daily, weekly, annual basis and take them for maintenance in time.

• Ground and floor must be suitable during assembly of generator.

• Ventilation of the area where the generator is located must be appropriate.

• Exhaust piping and diameter must be appropriate.

• Grounding installation must comply with the standards.

• Fuel supply piping and installation must comply with the standards.

• Fire alarm and extinguishing devices must exist.

• Power transfer switches and contactors must be selected for the appropriate power.

• Cable quality must be appropriate.

• There mustn’t inflammable, explosive substances around the area where generator is placed.

• Generator must be used at a load according to its power. 

How is a sound insulation in the generator done? Does it produce noise?

All of generators produce noise arising from exhaust, engine casing, and fans. In order to reduce a noise level, measures according to the place of installation must be taken. As Signal Generator, we are taking certain measures for quiet operation of the generator. 

These are basically; acoustic barriers, acoustic insulation, vibration sensors, sound attenuators, exhaust silencers, increasing the distance between generator set and the living area, remote radiator applications and synchronous systems. Thus we use eight different methods including them. Thanks to these applications, we keep noise at a minimum level. 

What to do in cases where the generator isn’t used for a long time?

If not used for a long time, it should be stored as specified in "Maintenance and Use Guide '" by taking help from expert technical service. For commissioning process after long-term storage, it should absolutely be taken help from the service. 

Where can I get originals spare parts for the generator?

As Signal generator, we supply spare parts of generator groups of Perkins, Volvo, Deutz, SDEC and Weichai that we sell.. All of our spare parts are original. We don’t provide non-original spare parts because they shall affect the engine's performance and quality.  For this, you can get help from Signal Generator service. 

To what problems does it lead to run generator at no-load and low-power?

It is inconvenient to run generator below the specified value as well as running over it. A use in this way  will shorten engine life as well as causing serious damage. In particular, it should be paid much more attention to this situation in the use of large power generator sets. For standby generator sets, minimum allowable load is about 30% of the total amount of power. If the generator is used in no-load or low-load, lubricant oil dilution and lubrication quality decrease. Oil leak, and liquid efflux occur in the air intake system and exhaust. Corrosive damage to engine components occurs. 

Is general maintenance required even if generator is used at certain intervals/ very little?

General maintenance should be absolutely done once a year. As life of engine oil is 1 year after filling, protection of the engine reduces. And filters can’t function at the end of 1 year due to swelling of its paper containing elements and opening of pores because of their contact with oil and diesel fuel. Engine is constantly exposed to heat as if it runs because antifreeze coat water is active and loses its quality at the end of 1 year. It shall be decided whether or not to replace it upon measurement with antifreeze meter. If jacket water heater isn’t active, the life of engine reduces. If general maintenance is not performed once a year, oxidation shall occur on the engine block, corrosion occurs in recirculation system, and holes occur in the radiator. 

What is Periodic Maintenance?

Periodic maintenance is the control of all the elements that must be controlled on the generator at specified intervals. With an intervention in the event of any problem, it is possible to prevent greater problems.

What is a diesel generator?

It is a machine that produces alternative voltage by using the energy obtained as a result of combustion of fossil fuel in the combustion chamber to convert into electrical energy. In this context; diesel engine consists of synchronous, AC alternator, and a control panel that controls and protects this system. 

What should be considered when buying a generator?


When buying a generator, four types of properties should be considered. These are;


You need to pay attention to when selecting an engine whether you choose your engine from a company manufacturing according to ISO-3046 conditions. Also, the engine that you choose should be developed in accordance with conditions of automotive construction machines. Although choosing a company manufacturing in a wider area seems more appropriate in terms of quality, the life of the engines manufactured only for generators is lower than those produced for automotive. As a generator is an investment property, an engine’s life is also very important This period of life must be up to 10,000 hours. And engine equipment is as important as the quality of the engine, it must be ensured that this equipment shall provide the quality standards.


When choosing an alternator, whether or not the alternator has a CE certificate should be taken into consideration. As it is not possible for alternators produced in the Far Eastern countries to have this document, it should be well researched. A generator is an emergency system tool, thus if it isn’t at appropriate quality in places where power outage may create a problem, this situation causes a problem. So, it is important for components to function correctly as well as the engine.

Control System

The controller must provide IEC Standards. And the company that you shall purchase the controller from is also very important. As Signal Generator, we provide

Camping / Exhaust Systems

IEC 6100-6.2

and 6100-6.4 IEC Standards.

Exhaust System

In the selection of the exhaust, you should consider the paint on the exhaust.

Often, paint on an exhaust harms to human health because of the chemicals that it emits as being burned. Signal Generators coats exhaust pipe with alumina sheet in order to prevent generator exhaust pain burnings thus harmful chemicals.

In terms of sound, as the 20 dB (A) silencer on the market is an optional request, as Signal Generator we provide feature as standard.

What to consider when installing and choosing a generator?


It is important to do right the installation and site selection for generator to function for many years and trouble-free; and to achieve this, you need to pay attention to certain factors. These factors;

Floor: It is important that the floor is level. A platform to be established under generator shall provide a safe height. In addition, that the generator is with a cabin helps to protect the generator against factors in the external environment. As Signal Generator, we produce our generators with protective and sound-proof cabins.

Site Selection: Site selection is very important as the floor. First, we need to determine to place the generator whether indoor or outdoor. If placed indoor, especially ventilation and exhaust extension should be considered. If placed outdoor, cabin and a platform issues should be considered.

Fuel System: Maintenance of fuel system should be carried out in accordance with the “Instruction Manual”.  Fueling up be done manually or automatically.

Exhaust system: Reducing the sound from engine and safely disposing of toxic gases into atmosphere should be provided.

Electrical System: All electrical connections should be done in accordance with the scheme and general rules.

Ventilation: It should be placed in a room or area with adequate ventilation to remove the heat emitted from the alternator, engine, and the coolant in the radiator by a propellant fan system mounted between the engine and the radiator. At the same time, fresh air inlet must be provided. 

How the power of a generator is determined, and what do the concepts of standby and prime operation refer to?


Before determining the generator power, it is very important to identify for what period of time the generator shall operate. In this context, depending on the period of time, standby or prime power must be preferred. It is also important to meet inrush value at loading.

For example, although varying according to the NEMA code, engines consume 4 to 8 times more current at starting time. Loads of devices such as UPS, AC DC Speed, control devices and display devices are not stable. When calculating power, it is necessary to consider them.

In addition, conditions such as operating temperature, power and height also affect power.

In such cases, as Signal Generator, we solve some failures with the remote.

Standby operation

It is an operation mode preferred in areas where the mains is reliable. Standby mode of operation is considered to be as a mode of operation, in which values of power load change during power failure. It doesn’t include any overload capability and generators aren’t allowed to take load more than the that declared as standby power. All values are determined in accordance with the ISO3046 / 1, BS5514, AS2789, and DIN6271 standards.

Standby power value is the maximum power that variable loads can take under a load factor including the average of load change defined by x%.

Typical working hours are limited to a maximum of 500 hours per year. If the 500 hours is exceeded in an application with changeable loads, prime power rating should be used.

Standby application is used as an emergency power in the event of power failures in reliable mains. In calculation of standby power value, the following formula can be used.

Prime Operation

Prime power value is defined for applications in the event that the main isn’t reliable or it doesn’t exist. Operating hour of one or more generator set in prime operating mode is unlimited.

Values are  in compliance with ISO8528 / 1 and overloads with ISO3046 / 1, BS5514, AS2789, and DIN6271 standards.

Prime power value is defined for changeable loads within period of unlimited working hours during the year.  Average power value can’t exceed the x% value of prime power of generator set.

X value varies between 70 and 80 from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Loads below 30% of the prime power is referred to as 30% in the respective power calculations.

In every 12 hours, 10% overload is allowed for 1 hour. Some manufacturers may bring a limit to the total duration of the loading.

Examples of typical prime power applications;

Mains with frequent power failures

Parallel operation with mains, where mains power isn’t sufficient and part of power is provided from generator.

Or the only power supply is generator in places, where mains doesn’t exist.

In calculation of prime power value, the following formula can be used.

What advantages do synchronous generators bring to the consumers?

Synchronous generators provides many advantages, they  include:

Low initial investment costs: For a machine needed with a great power, a couple of generators equivalent to the same power shall be at a more affordable cost and as it is a mass production the cost shall be lower with easy installation and spare part advantages. For example, it is more affordable to buy 4 pieces of 500 kVA generator instead of one 2000 KVA generator.

Low Operating Cost:  Mass production shall make it easier to find spare parts for generators. In addition,  it is not possible to disengage a 2000 kVA generator ; however, you can disengage one of generators with 200 kVA according to the situation, and you can carry out maintenance of one generator and engage it again. Even if one of them fails, others shall not leave you without power. Also, since generator shall engage and disengage according to the load, it shall be easier for you to save energy with low cost when load is lower.

Flexible Uses: You can uninstall one of synchronous generators, disengage it and move to another place according to the load. Thus, your generators’ lives shall increase with the opportunity of equal aging.

High Reliability: In case of failure of any of generator, other generators engage and provide uninterrupted energy.

Service Awareness/ Convenience: This type of generator doesn’t create any spare parts problem. Spare parts needed are easily available, workmanship is more affordable. If your 2000 kVA generator fails, you will have to wait a certain time; in this process the sole remedy is to hire a generator. And you have to cover the both transport expense and additional expenses of the generator that you hire.

Network Sync: If “soft transfer” is selected at the first mains failure, it provided any power failure not to be felt when the energy is provided again. A generator that is synchronous with the mains provides uninterrupted power for you.