We Have Started Manufacturing Rubber Cable

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We Have Started Manufacturing Rubber Cable

The applications include transportation equipment, mobile power sources, working sites, stage and visual-audio equipment, ports and damps.

It may also be used in drainage and water treatment, cold and heavy industrial environments.





  1. Thin Wire Copper Conductor
  2. EPR ( Ethylene Propylene Rubber) isolation-EI4
  3. PCP ( Polychloroprene Rubber) outer sheath-EM2



TS 9765 HD 22.4 S4                                                                                      

Nominal Voltage(Uo/U)

450/750 V

Conductor Type

Thin Wire Copper Conductor ( IEC 60228 , class 5)

Isolation Type

EPR ( Ethylene Propylene Rubber) isolation (type EI4)

Sheath Type

IEC 60332-1

UV, oil, osone resistance


Sheath Type

PCP ( Polychloroprene Kauçuk) Outher Clad ( type EM2)

Allowed Operational Temperature


Short Circuit Temperature


Testing Voltage

2,5 kV