The First Cable Manufacturer In Turquality

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The First Cable Manufacturer In Turquality

The First Cable Manufacturer Turquality

As Factory Cables Mine END. Ve Tra.AŞ. we are proud of being  “The First Cable Manufacturer” in Turquality, which is the first state funded branding program in the world, whose vision is to "create 10 world brands in 10 years".
Turquality is a supporting platform established in order to enable companies which have such product groups that bear the potential to become a brand to become a global agent in the international markets with their own brands. In this scope, all of our units successfully passed the inspections made by the international inspection company, and we are thus included in the Turquality program.
 During this challenging journey, our company has recorded great success with entire of its units in order to become a leading brand in the international environment, reinforced its shortcomings and has passed this exam with ultimate success. Our R&D Department, Sale and Marketing Departments, Finance and Accounting Departments, Production Department, Human Resources Department, Information Processing Department and Corporate Management Departments have passed an inspection in this scope and recorded success.
  Our company has become an integrated facility with our Low Voltage Plant, Middle and High Voltage Plant and Copper Rod and Wire Production Plants, and continues to grow rapidly in its journey to become a Turkish brand on a global scale with its exporting activities covering 4 continents. As the first Turkish cable manufacturer included in the Turquality program, we fully believe that we will further increase our brand recognition abroad and will become a world brand very soon.